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     An officially prescribed textbook is meant to help teachers regulate and time the syllabus. It also provides adequate guidance for teachers. On the other hand, learners use the textbook to cover new material, review and monitor progress with some degree of autonomy.

    However, a textbook is not to be followed systematically. Teachers have to work according to the syllabus using both the textbook and supplementary materials as the need arises. It could also be used selectively according to the objectives assigned and the language forms needed for the realisation of the project.

    As every learner has his own learning needs, no textbook can meet pupils’ needs satisfactorily. And, if an input or task suggested in the textbook is not relevant or interesting, Teachers should be encouraged to take initiatives. They might substitute, add or tailor challenging and original teaching materials to the needs, interests and motivations of their pupils.


    We would finally quote: “Don’t go by the book slavishly it’s here to serve you, not the other way around.”

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