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Getting Through provides both teachers and learners with an adequate material for promoting both teachers’ flexibility and learners’ autonomy.

In fact, the book not only constitutes a source of motivation through the various themes it handles, but also stimulates and develops their competencies through the different steps they are supposed to undergo. In   the   Discovering Language rubric, the students not only get familiarized with the topic but also discover the language constituents, ranging from vocabulary, spelling, and pronunciation to grammar. These are essential for the development of their learning strategies. In the Developing Skills rubric, the suggested tasks foster and promote the language use and the combination of intellectual and social skills so as to put the students in a « real » linguistic bath. Ultimately, all of the above tools contribute to the realization of a project, a step where students display their individual achievements and potential. Eventually, if the book emphasizes autonomy, it also encourages self-study and self-assessment in the last two rubrics: Exploring Matters Further & Where do we go From Here?